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Joy House Publishing

Making dreams come true, one story at a time

We are a small publishing house that specializes in helping exceptional new authors publish their literary creations on Amazon. We can help you write, edit, and design your novel or nonfiction work. We publish titles in paperback, hardcover, and the eBook format. Contact us to learn more about becoming the next Joy House Publishing author.

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Joy House Publishing

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Life at the Market

by Wendy Allen (2018)

Unexpected things happen at the market on a daily basis. Clerks fall in love with other clerks ; customers find true love in aisle four; a customer's van catches fire in the parking lot as someone collapses from a heart attack while trying to help. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the drama and life at the market. This book is full of humor, wit, and life lessons. Surely, never a dull moment!


Matagorda Breeze

by Lyla Hopper (2020)

The Age of Oil ends in a cataclysm that kills millions of people. Two centuries after The Day, mankind has adapted, and a second Age of Sail is thriving.

Ruby Turner is the first woman to serve aboard ships of the Gulf Shipping Company. She’s an excellent Navigator, but the Commodore has promoted her to Captain of the Matagorda Breeze, a ne’er-do-well ship where sailors who can’t quite make the grade elsewhere end up. She’s got to prove to the Commodore, herself, and her new team that she’s got what it takes to turn the ship around. On the way, she must face the biggest challenges of her career. Adventure awaits!

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Our First-time Authors

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Wendy Allen


Wendy Allen, author of Life at the Market, is from Bellingham, WA and wrote her story in a spiral-bound notebook during a time when she was healing from a scooter accident.  Not satisfied to just sit around and be idle, she put her thoughts on paper, literally.  Eight years later, after dreaming of actually publishing her story, we made it happen.  Joy House Publishing was honored and excited to make Wendy's dream of becoming a published author, a reality!

Lyla Hopper


By training and trade, Lyla is a software developer, and in her copious free time she's an empath, a wife, a cook, mommy to the cutest dog EVER (fight her on this!), a full-time RVer, and a woodworker....and now, a first-time published novelist.  Lyla spent her high school years in East Texas, the home of many wonderful lakes, moving there when her father retired to "go fishing every day until the day I die."

Lyla's next book will bring to the fore some of her own experiences as a transgender woman, in a boy-meets-girl romance set in a small Midwestern town. We look forward to novel #2!

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Editing Projects


Editor for first-time author Lyla Hopper's Matagorda Breeze under Joy House Publishing


Associate editor for 600 Days in Hiding by Andreas A. Algava, A gripping tale of survival in Nazi-occupied Greece.  Published by For Passion Publishing Company, LLC

Editor and Publisher first time author, Wendy Allen's Life at the Market


Contributor to Reflections: Ultra Short Personal Narratives.  A collection of flash memoirs and personal narratives featuring the works of new and award winning authors showcasing the art of personal narratives.  Published by Telling Our Stories Press


Associate editor for Sea-Fence by Lorin Sandretzky, Superfan of the Seattle Seahawks, and all Washington State sports teams.  Published by Merrell Publishing Company, LLC

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“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.
That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”

Octavia E. Butler

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