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Another year for the history books

I think we can all agree, 2020 is a year we may want to forget. I won't reiterate all of the angst and turmoil we went through to get to where we are, you all know that. What I choose to focus on are the positive things that came out of it, at least for me personally. I'm grateful for many things in this life. I'm grateful for my kids and my career which enables me to support them. I'm grateful that I found mindfulness and meditation in a more formalized fashion that has helped me stay grounded through the roller coaster of emotions and fear imposed upon us through this pandemic and political mess. I'm grateful for supportive friends and family. I'm also grateful to be able to work with some amazing writers! Wendy Allen, a lifelong friend, trusted me to make her dream of publishing a book a reality! I also met a new friend, Lyla Hopper, who I had the pleasure and honor to work with on her book this year.

While 2020 was beyond stressful, I think for many people it was a perfect opportunity to be more introspective, to meditate, to work on our inner peace, and to write. My wish for all who desire to tell their stories, including myself, is that we still find peaceful moments and creative inspiration to put a pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or voice to text, and tell our stories. If you want my support, I'm here for you. Making dreams come true, one story at a time.

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