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Strategic patience is better than waiting

I used to say that good things come to those who wait. Now I say, by practicing strategic patience, great things will come! The past two years for me, like everyone else, has been a whirlwind of uncertainty. It was scary, unpredictable, and impossible to have imagined. Being someone who tries to always stay positive, I wasn't really bothered by the idea of having to stay home all the time. I actually enjoy it. I'm grateful that I have a "day job" I can do from the comfort and safety of my home and I am not especially looking forward to going back into an office setting every day, and I can definitely appreciate that I don't have the one hour commute (each way) to and from work anymore.

Since I was spending so much time in isolation, and my social life took a hit, I decided to go back to school....again. Having just completed my second masters degree, I am looking forward to seeing how the next phase of my life will unfold. Strategic patience is required to prepare for whatever opportunities come my way and when they do, I'll be ready. In the meantime, I am embarking on a new book project. It will be an anthology of short stories about resilience, challenges, and fears, and the life lessons gained from going through an ordeal. I expect there will be 7 - 10 contributing authors with very rich and compelling stories that everyone will be able to relate to in some way. I cannot wait to share it with you!

I am looking forward to the future. I have hope. I have faith. May whoever reads this have it too. Be well. ~Anika

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