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On becoming legit

I have found that writing is an expression of how I feel, an art form, a means to...not an end, but to spiritual growth. Growing up in tights and leotards, taking the bus after school to dance class and endless rehearsals, I always thought that was my mode of expression. It was, then. Since retiring from the dance world, I've often longed for that feeling again. That feeling of the freedom to soar, to leap, to create. Through my university studies, I became quite adept at writing and editing. I got the attention of a few close writer/publisher friends who often solicited my assistance. This built up my confidence and passion for the work. Yes, it can be tedious, and at times boring, but when I finish a project I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that I used to feel at the curtain call to bow before the applauding audience. It's not that I'm seeking recognition, it's more of an inner satisfaction satiating my desire to express myself. To express what is in my heart. To mentor others or help them achieve their dream of becoming a "legit" author. What is legit? I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder, like fine art or fine wine, it's a sense of finding the satisfaction in the journey. It's all in the dance...

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